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Tri dela

The composers of the three new works by Šalter Ensemble, who are also its members, bring heterogeneous experiences to the repertoire, from classical studies, researching through improvisation, working with electronics, the practice of sound art and playing jazz to creating in other media. Their works reached their final, performed form through the musicians’ cooperation – from the initial idea, which the ensemble tested, developed, adapted and perfected in an intense period of rehearsals, workshops of sorts. Extract from the liner notes by Primož Trdan.

  1. Tomaž Grom: My Wish is Your Command (15:39)
  2. Jonas Kocher & Gaudenz Badrutt: Interstices / Interferences (18:26)
  3. Elisabeth Harnik: šum II (16:08)

Available on Bandcamp (digital and physical copy) or at contact@bruit-asso.org


Šalter Ensemble
Gaudenz Badrutt (electronics), Estelle Beiner (violin), Ilia Belorukov (saxophone), Tomaž Grom (double bass, electronics), Elisabeth Harnik (piano, objects), Josef Klammer, (augmented percussion), Jonas Kocher (accordion), Samo Kutin (hurdy gurdy), Alfred Lang (trumpet), Irena Z. Tomažin (voice), Špela Trošt (production, external eye)

Artistic direction by Kocher & Badrutt, Harnik, Grom

Track 1 & 2 recorded in concert by RTV Slovenia on November 23 2023 at New Music Forum at Philarmonic Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Production of the audio recordings 1 and 2: P (krogec okrog P) RTV Slovenija.
Track 3 recorded in concert on May 25 2023 by Cyril Hassler at Le Singe in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
Mixed by Tomaž Grom and Ilia Belorukov.
Mastered by Ilia Belorukov.
Liner notes by Primož Trdan, translation by Maja Lovrenov.
Graphic design by Matej Stupica and Emil Kozole.

Produced by Zavod Sploh & Bruit

Br13 / ZACD29
Release date: May 3 2024

Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana.

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