Manoir Bruit

Manoir Bruit, in the park of the Chateau de Sibra (picture by Rudolf Steiner)

Manoir Bruit is a sound creation programme run by association Bruit, in collaboration with Haus am Gern and Château de Sibra.

Over four years, from 2024 to 2027, 15 Biel/Bienne-based artists will spend 7 days in solo residency at the Château de Sibra. The residencies are designed to allow artists to work freely around sound and/or improvisation. The resulting work may be music, an electroacoustic sculpture, a sound trace of a process, or a simple sound document of something bigger.

Each new work will be broadcasted from the Manoir Bruit in the park of the château, and also from this location around the world via the open-mikes project Locus Sonus Stream over a period of several weeks. Once broadcast, the sound works will then be available on this website as well as on Edition’s Bruit Bandcamp. Listening sessions and talks will be held in Biel/Bienne, bringing the artists, the works and the local audience face to face.

Live stream
– and take a look at the Locus Solus project’s map of open mics around the world.

03.08 – 10.08.2024: Christian Müller

City of Biel/Bienne, Canton of Bern

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