Digital Release

otonokage – the bern recording

“to tpv”

“if for exemple a silence lasts a second, how long does a split second of a silence last – a split silence?” francis brown

1. Radu Malfatti: otonokage – the bern recording 44:35
2. improvisation 33:04

Available on Bandcamp (digital download only)


Does Sound Have a Shadow?
Christian Kobi, tenor saxophone
Jonas Kocher, accordion
Klaus Filip, sine waves
Radu Malfatti, bass harmonica

Recorded on March 7 2021 in Bern by Bojan Ugrinovsky. Mastered by Taku Unami.

Co-released by Bruit and b-boim records

Br10 / b-boim 037
Release date: September 30 2021

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