EN Bruit offers workshops in Biel/Bienne for professionals and/or amateurs, giving visiting artists the opportunity to share their knowledge as well as enabling/allowing the inhabitants to have an opportunity to benefit from the presence of internationally renowned artists.

DE Bruit bietet Workshops mit renommierten Künstler:innen für Profis und Amateure in Biel/Bienne an, und ermöglicht damit die Teilhabe an qualitativ anspruchsvoller Kompetenzvermittlung für alle Interessierten.

FR Bruit propose à Biel/Bienne des workshops pour professionnels et/ou amateurs, offrant aux artistes de passage la possibilité de partager leur savoir-faire tout en permettant aux habitant·e·s de profiter de la présence d’artistes de renom international.

Félicie Bazelaire. Picture by Darek Szuster
March 2 2024, Biel/Bienne: “From open composition to improvisation”
ErikM (Picture by Václav-Kremser)
October 1 2023, Biel/Bienne: Improvisation workshop
Irena Tomažin (picture by Katarina Juvancic)
May 27 2023, Biel/Bienne: “Moved by Voice”, a voice-movement workshop
Kai Fagaschinski
February 25 2023, Biel/Bienne: “Improvising as an ecosystem”
Joke Lanz (picture by Cristina Marx)
September 9 2022, BIel/Bienne: “The Art of Noise”

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