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Stranger Becoming

The Swiss-based trio Koch/Loriot/Kocher formed in the summer of 2020 has kept developing a distinct musical identity ever since. The band makes use of insistently repeated motifs, broken melodic lines and occasional tonal harmonies cohabiting with pure sound production. The three musicians develop their respective materials in tension with each other: they are able to merge their sounds at any moment, but just as well might evolve their individual voices for a long time in parallel, without a priori seeking unity. The band’s cohesion is achieved through the intense quality of listening and deep interaction that the three have honed, as well as by the blend of timbres that is reminiscent of European folk music.

Available on Bandcamp (digital and physical copy)

Also possible to pay with Twint within Switzerland: CHF 15.- shipping included. Send us then your postal address for the CD at contact@bruit-asso.org


Hans Koch, clarinet
Frantz Loriot, viola
Jonas Kocher, accordion

Recorded on February 25 2021 at Kirche St. Maria in Ins, Switzerland by Bojan Ugrinovsky.
Mixed by Bojan Ugrinovksy and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Album & track title poem by Eliot Cardinaux, pictures by Rudolf Steiner. Graphic Design by Carlo Costa.

Co-produced by Neither / Nor Records and Bruit.

n/n 020 / Br12
Release date: December 15 2022

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