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Jonas Kocher “Perspectives and Echoes” / Luc Ferrari “Tautologos III”

“Free improvisation is defined, among other things, by its practioners’ refusal to rely on a form composed by others. Partially, perhaps, from pride, but above all from playfulness: what is left when we eschew this support? What detour will lead us onto the path of creativity? And in the context of instrumental practice, for example, we may wonder if creativity encompasses the development of a singular virtuosity, if it is appropriate to forgot any concern with form or to acknowledge the presence of a flux from which any form may arise unbidden. There are multiple questions and practices in this field, but the fundamental question remains the same: what is improvisation free from? From pre-established forms? From conventions? From prerequisites?” […]

Lê Quan Ninh, extract from the liner notes. Continue reading

Jonas Kocher Perspectives and Echoes (2019) 20:36
Luc Ferrari Tautologos III (1969) 29:31

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-bRt- group for music creation
Gaudenz Badrutt, live electronics / Estelle Beiner, violin / Jacques Demierre, piano / Jonas Kocher, accordion (on Tautologos III) / Stephen Menotti, trombone / Manon Pierrehumbert, harp / Christian Wolfarth, percussion

Artistic direction: Gaudenz Badrutt & Jonas Kocher

Recorded on May 7 2021 in Biel/Bienne (CH) at Atelier Pia Maria by Bojan Ugrinovsky. Mixed by Gaudenz Badrutt, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Liner notes by Lê Quan Ninh, notes by Gaudenz Badrutt, graphic design by Jérôme Lanon.

Perspectives and Echoes: © Jonas Kocher/SUISA. Tautologos III: © Luc Ferrari, work published by Maison ONA

Release date: September 14 2021

Pro Helvetia and Oertli Stiftung


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