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Štiri dela

˝In many ways, Šalter also responds to the dilemmas of contemporary music ensembles, but not from the position of curating from the top of the hierarchy. The reflection about the nature of creating the new music, the way the author and the performer cooperate, the reflection of the new musical aesthetics is already embedded with the wide-ranging selection of participating musicians, and at the same time great sound seekers and sensible people. This kind of reflection is built “from the bottom up”. This is where Šalter is an active human community in miniature and an ensemble for the new millennium.˝

From the liner notes by Primož Trdan. Continue reading

  1. Bertrand Denzler: Ubiquité 14:58
  2. Robert Roža: The Šalter 12:22
  3. Roko Crnić: Common Ground Altogether 10:45
  4. Tomaž Grom: What We Listen To, Connects Us, What We Hear, Separates Us 13:31

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Šalter Ensemble
Roko Crnić (electric bass), Bertrand Denzler (tenor saxophone), Marina Džukljev (piano), Lionel Friedli (percussion), Tomaž Grom (double bass, electronics), Jonas Kocher (accordion and artistic direction), Nenad Kovačić (percussion), Samo Kutin (hurdy-gurdy), Srdjan Muc (electric guitar), Tena Novak Vincek (violin), Robert Roža (electronics), Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik (voice)
Artistic director: Jonas Kocher

Recorded in concert by Radio Slovenia on January 17, 2019, at the culture center Španski borci, Ljubljana. Mix and master by Janez Križaj. Liner notes by Primož Trdan. Translation by Predrag Petrović. Graphic design by Matej Stupica and Emil Kozole.

Produced by Zavod Sploh in co-production with Bruit.

Br8 / ZASCD2
Release date: June 27 2021




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