Šalter Ensemble

International electroacoustic ensemble

The Šalter Ensemble is an international electroacoustic ensemble initiated in 2017 by Jonas Kocher in collaboration with Zavod Sploh Ljubljana and Izlog Festival Zagreb. It is composed of personalities from the Swiss and Slovenian music scene as well as from other countries depending on the editions. The particularity of the Šalter Ensemble lies in the fact that the musicians who make up the ensemble come from a variety of musical backgrounds and experiences and that the compositions it plays are written exclusively by members of the ensemble. The preparation time before each new programme serves as much to work on the new compositions as to reinvent the group’s sound identity each time through an intense collective process based on listening and communication. This approach gives Šalter the means to create on the borderline between free improvisation and composition, with new sonic and human possibilities for each creation.


Artist's activities

Šalter Ensemble Ljubljana 2019 (picture by Marcandrea)
Concert / Performance, Tour
Bruit’s activities from 2017 to 2019

Artist's editions

CD Salter
CD, Digital Release
Šalter Ensemble

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