Workshop with ErikM

The aim is to work on individual listening to one’s instrument within a group, exploring the sonic qualities of each instrument in relation to the ensemble. This will raise participants’ awareness of group dynamics, highlighting the micro-society thus formed. The notion of collective intelligence will also be introduced, encouraging the ‘harmonious’ integration of autonomous musicians within the collective.

The group’s identity will be cultivated in such a way as to offer maximum freedom, allowing for conscious or spontaneous choices, smoothing the evolution of a composition in the moment. Particular attention will be paid to taking into account and supporting musicians in difficulty during improvised performances, emphasizing the need to look out for each other.

The workshop is open to all instruments, voice and electronics. Maximum 10 participants.

Date and place
Sunday October 1st 2023, 14:00-18:00
KUFA, Gurzelenstrasse 11, Biel/Bienne

Normal: CHF 70.-
Students, Kulturlegi, etc.: CHF 60.-
Members: CHF 50.-/40.-
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+41 79 308 10 67

Workshop in French & English

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