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Soirées Luc Ferrari

The Soirées Luc Ferrari is a two-day music festival that focuses on the work of the French composer Luc Ferrari, who was born in 1929 and died in 2005. Ferrari’s music moves between radio play, historical musique concrète pieces, sometimes trashy, sometimes serial, but also almost romantic piano music, radical noise music, crystal-clear fieldrecordings tape music, pseudo-serial composition and electronic music – and all this with a lot of humour, mischievousness and ambiguity.

With ErikM, electronics, Gilles Grimaitre, piano, Gaudenz Badrutt, electronics, Christophe Schiess (moderation), Estelle Beiner (workshop leader)

Bruit – Group for Music Creation (Estelle Beiner, violin / Ilia Belorukov, saxophone / Jacques Demierre, piano / ErikM, electronics / Jonas Kocher, accordion / Stephen Menotti, trombone / Manon Pierrehumbert, harp / Christian Wolfarth, percussion / Gaudenz Badrutt, Ferrari-Tape)

Works played at the Soirées Luc Ferrari:
29.09: Tautologos I (1961) / Collection de petites pièces ou 36 Enfilades pour piano et magnétophone (1985) / Archives Sauvées des Eaux (2000)

30.09: Visage V (1959) / Visage I (1956) Chronopolis (1982) / Tautologos III (1969) / Presque rien No 2 ou Ainsi continue la nuit dans ma tête multiple (1977)

Friday 29 September
Gärbi, 17h00-18h00
Round table – salon d’écoute: Was höre ich wenn ich zuhöre? (with Christophe Schiess)

Le Singe, 21h00 (doors 20h30)
Performances/presentations with Gilles Grimaître, ErikM & Gaudenz Badrutt
Piano- and tapemusic, electroacoustic music

Saturday 30 September
Gärbi, 17h00-18h00
Round table – salon d’écoute: En fait pour qui composez-vous? (with Christophe Schiess)
+ workshop presentation Tautologos III

Le Singe, 21h00 (doors 20h30)
Performances/presentations with Bruit – Group for Music Creation, Gilles Grimaître
Music for ensemble, tapemusic & a stop-motion-film

Co-production Bruit / KartellCulturel

Luc Ferrari’s webpage
Le Singe

Bieler Tagblatt [29.09.2023, in German]

Landis&Gyr Stiftung, City of Biel/Bienne, Oertli Stiftung, GVB Kulturstiftung, Stiftung Concertare, Ernst-Göhner Stiftung

More activities

Šalter Ensemble in Biel/Bienne 2023 (picture by Jonas Scheck)
November 23-26 2023: International electroacoustic ensemble. Concerts in Ljubljana, St-Johann, Graz
DDK Trio, Montreal 14.10.2023. Picture by Céline Côté
October 13-17 2023: Concerts in Québec, Ottawa, Montréal and Rimouski, December 9 to 22, concerts in Metz, Genève, London, Ashburton, Brighton, Dieppe
Neue Musik im Konzert
Concert / Performance
October 11 2023, Swiss Radio SRF. International electroacoustic ensemble
September 6 & 7 2023: Symposium on the sound art in Switzerland, Geneva
ErikM (Picture by Václav-Kremser)
October 1st 2023, improvisation workshop, Biel/Bienne
afield at Festival Klang Moor Schopfe Gais 2023 (picture by Ilia Belorukov)
Concert / Performance, Tour
August 27, September 2, 3, 9 2023: An outdoor sound performance by Stefan Thut with Bruit – Group for Music Creation in Biel/Bienne, Gais, Biberist and Laconnex

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