ErikM is a French musician, composer and visual artist. From his earliest experience in the visual and plastic arts, ErikM has taken the risk of escaping any attempt at hasty categorisation. Quickly established as a virtuoso of electronic devices and the sound arts (1994), he traverses the so-called “independent”, “institutional” and territorial worlds (France – International). ErikM is developing an openly forward-looking approach to the technological medium. He designs acousmatic works and composes mixed music for instrumental ensembles (Ensemble Inter contemporain, Laborintus, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Dedalus, etc.). He has collaborated with Luc Ferrari, Jean-Luc Nancy, Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore, Bernard Stiegler, Mathilde Monnier, FM Einheit, etc., and creates cross-disciplinary works that constitute a singular kaleidoscopic vision and create tension between the intimate and the political, the popular and the erudite.


Artist's activities

ErikM (Picture by Václav-Kremser)
October 1st 2023, improvisation workshop, Biel/Bienne
Luc Ferrari 1964 (picture © Brunhild Ferrari)
Concert / Performance, Talk
September 29 & 30, festival with the music of Luc Ferrari, ErikM, Gilles Grimaître, Bruit – Group for Music Creation a.o. in Biel/Bienne

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