Kai Fagaschinski


The Berlin-based clarinetist and composer/performer focuses on a subtle musicality of sound and noise phenomena. As an autodidact he has developed dubious manners on his instrument. As a natural-born abstract he includes an insidious expressivity and a pre-melodic quality to his music. He operates in both systems: composition and improvisation. His preference are long-term collaborations at eye level – no leaders, no sidemen, no assholes.

Kai performed with his bands all over Europe, in North and South America and East Asia. His music has been released on about two dozens of album releases.

Current projects (selection): The International Nothing, The Dogmatics, Splitter Orchester, Baldrian Quartett, The Paranormal Clarinet Society, Zimt, The Elks, and duos with Mike Majkowski and Liz Allbee.



Artist's activities

Baldrian Quartett
Concert / Performance, Tour
February 26-30 2023: Concerts in Biel/Bienne, Zürich and Geneva
Kai Fagaschinski
February 25 2023, free improvisation workshop “Improvising as an ecosystem”, Biel/Bienne

Artist's editions

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