Anna-Kaisa Meklin


The finnish musician based in Basel is active in many ensembles and interdisciplinary projects in Switzerland. In her performances she improvises with viola da gamba, voice and field recordings. Her projects are often located at the interface of different musical genres, for example between early music and experimental music. She is part of the collective Insub. (Geneva) and plays with the large improvising formations InsubMetaOrchestra (Geneva,) unorthodoxjukebox o. (Basel) and GONG- Improvisation Orchestra (Aarau). She works together with musicians such as Cyril Bondi, Christoph Schiller, Céline Hänni, Jacques Demierre or Sandra Weiss, as well as with the Trio Tangent+Mek. In 2019, she was artist in residence at Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva with her project Compos(t)ing music. Collaborations with Ensemble Vide and the collective MMMMM in Geneva (“Hommage Choral à Pauline Oliveros”, 2020).

She has been commissioned to compose “Ground in C sharp” 2021 for the Duo Bondi-Alvear. She has recorded compositions by Magnus Granberg, Adrian Demoč , Christoph Schiller, Michael Pisaro and Cyril Bondi&D’incise. You can find her on the labels Another Timbre, Edition Wandelweiser Records, Discreet Editions, Afterday, Insub.records and Ricercar.


Artist's activities

afield at Festival Klang Moor Schopfe Gais 2023 (picture by Ilia Belorukov)
Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne, Tour
August 27, September 2, 3, 9 2023: An outdoor sound performance by Stefan Thut with Bruit – Group for Music Creation in Biel/Bienne, Gais, Biberist and Laconnex
Baldrian Quartett
Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne, Tour
February 26-30 2023: Concerts in Biel/Bienne, Zürich and Geneva

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