Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne, Tour


Six musicians enter a field and traverse its expanse in constantly changing positions. In the process, they form intervals for each other in the sonic and spatial sense, as passages and continuations of the sound movement. The series of dyads and triads continue in the dimensionality of the outdoor. The musical activity here leaves behind the habit of the interior and surrenders to the acoustics of the terrain.

Bruit – Group for Music Creation: Eva-Maria Karbacher, tenor saxophone, Sebastian Rotzler, double bass, Christophe Berthet, soprano saxophone, Anna-Kaisa Meklin, viola da gamba, Estelle Beiner, violin, Stefan Thut, violoncello, composition, Jonas Kocher, external eye, production

Dates 2023
August 27, 17:00, Biel/Bienne, Terrain-Gurzelen
September 2, 17:00, Gais, Festival Klang Moor Schopfe
September 3, 17:00, Biberist, Oberfeldweg, vor Waldzimmer (Weiermatt)
(Meeting point at MacCafé, Solothurn, Train Station, at 16:15 and then 30′ by foot)

September 9, 18:00, Laconnex, in the frame of INSUB. polytopies

Pro Helvetia, UBS Culture Foundation, City of Biel/Bienne, Canton of Bern

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Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne
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Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne
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