Gaudenz Badrutt and Jonas Kocher will present Bruit’s activities in the frame of the Symposium on the sound art in Switzerland organised by Arta Sperto, Geneva.

The field of sound art is vast and diverse, and its definitions are subject to several modulations. By its very nature, the field is multi- and cross-disciplinary, lying as it does on the edges of several musical sectors (e.g. contemporary, experimental, electronic, ethnomusicological), the plastic and visual arts, installation art, sound poetry and certain experimental perform- ing arts, acoustic ecology, whether it is perceived through hearing, sight, the senses or space, and whether it takes place in different types of contexts such as festivals, exhibition halls, concert halls, listening rooms, radio, the internet, architecture or public spaces. In discussions with a number of people involved in this field in Switzerland, Arta Sperto became aware of the existence of several networks with varying geographies and configurations, who share interests and research without necessarily being aware or informed of it. This is due in part to geographical and cultural differences, different approaches and different artistic backgrounds. [read more]

6 & 7 September, Geneva, BAC

Arta Sperto

More activities

Šalter Ensemble
NEXT May 23-27 2024: International electroacoustic ensemble. Release tour New Album Tri dela, Concerts in Vienna, Slovenske Konjice, Belgrade, Novi Sad
Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne
June 22: A solo bagpipe concert and a master film
Belorukov & Badrutt, Novi Sad 2023
April 22-28 2024: Concerts in Bilbao, Burgos, Santander, Porto, Lisbon and Madrid
Soirée Bruit, March 3 2024. Picture by Jonas Scheck
Concert / Performance, Event in Biel/Bienne
March 3 2024: Triple concert in Biel/Bienne
Félicie Bazelaire. Picture by Darek Szuster
Workshop, Event in Biel/Bienne
March 2 2024, Biel/Bienne: “From open composition to improvisation”
Šalter Ensemble, festival Forum nove glasba, Ljubljana, 23.11.2023.Pictures by Darja Štravs Tisu
November 23-26 2023: International electroacoustic ensemble. Concerts in Ljubljana, St-Johann, Graz

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