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Festival-in-opposition is a platform for establishing a relationships of art, education and the politics of improvisation. This platform is oriented towards creating temporary zones of groupness, exchange and support for improvisational practice that works / produces in sound, with sound and around sound. Permanent ongoing drives initiate artistic production in festival format, with the intention of affecting and conceptualizing improvisation as artistic, cultural and sociopolitical (against) an attitude opposed to the commercialization, trivialization, de-politicization and predatory utilization of art. Based on Company Weeks (the annual free-improvisation festival organized by Derek Bailey from 1977 to 1994) and Rock in Opposition (a movement of music bands which opposed the monopoly of the music industry during the 1970s), the Festival-in-opposition does not aspire to a place of institutions with authority, it already persists as a fragile hub of intersecting fluxes from the local and regional scene, just like the influences of creative energy coming from European and world metropolises.

Jonas Kocher & Gaudenz Badrutt: presentation of Bruit activities and artistic participation. Detailed program

Trio Belorukov, Badrutt, Kocher on June 7th in Belgrade

Dates 2023
June 7th, 20:00, Belgrade, Kulturni centar REX
June 8th-11th, Novi Sad,

Badrutt & Kocher’s music


Interview of Jonas Kocher by Nikola Markovic [EN-SRB, Nedeljnik, 06.06.2023]

Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

More activities

DDK Trio (picture by Danika Trajkovic)
October 13-17 2023: Concerts in Québec, Ottawa, Montréal and Rimouski, December 9 to 22, concerts in Metz, Genève, London, Ashburton, Brighton, Dieppe
ErikM (Picture by Václav-Kremser)
October 1st 2023, improvisation workshop, Biel/Bienne
Luc Ferrari 1964 (picture © Brunhild Ferrari)
Concert / Performance, Talk
September 29 & 30, festival with the music of Luc Ferrari, ErikM, Gilles Grimaître, Bruit – Group for Music Creation a.o. in Biel/Bienne
afield at Festival Klang Moor Schopfe Gais (pictures by Ilia Belorukov)
Concert / Performance, Tour
August 27, September 2, 3, 9 2023: An outdoor sound performance by Stefan Thut with Bruit – Group for Music Creation in Biel/Bienne, Gais, Biberist and Laconnex
Anarchy 2023
Talk, Concert / Performance
July 21 2023: Bruit at the International Anti-Authoritarian Gathering, Anarchy 2023 in St-Imier
Irena Tomažin (picture by Katarina Juvancic)
May 27 2023, “Moved by Voice”, a voice-movement workshop, Biel/Bienne

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