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The program “Belonging” conceived by Milana Zarić and Jonas Kocher and presented in Serbia in 2019 is now being presented in Switzerland in Biel, Zurich, Basel and Lausanne. It includes four compositions from the 20th and 21st centuries that sensitively question collective playing and the interaction between musicians. Four pieces that come from very different traditions and historical contexts, but all give priority to sound and improvisation. 

Sonja Mutic (*1984) “All my Worlds” (2019)
Ernö Király (1919-2007): “Actiones” (1970)
Jürg Frey (*1953): “Fragile Balance” (2014)
Jonas Kocher (*1977): “Perspectives and Echoes” (2019)

Ensemble Studio 6: Vladimir Blagojević, accordion, Kaja Farszky, percussion, Svetlana Maraš, live-electronics, Nenad Marković, trumpet, Bojana Pantović, violin, Milana Zarić, harp, Jonas Kocher, artistic direction

Dates 2021
September 24, Biel/Bienne, La Voirie
September 25, Uetikon am See, Al(t)Chemie Festival
September 26, Basel, Spielhalle Volta, in collaboration with IGNM Basel
September 27, 19:00, Lausanne, Société de Musique Contemporaine Lausanne (SMC)

Pro Helvetia, SüdKulturFonds, Canton of Bern, City of Biel/Bienne and Fondation Nicati – de Luze

04.10.21, RTS Espace 2, Musique d’Avenir

Poster by Igor Stangliczky
Poster by Igor Stangliczky



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November 4 2022: Performance in Sion (CH)
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September 10 & 11 2022, Biel/Bienne, Terrain Gurzelen
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September 9 2022, Biel/Bienne. Free improvisation workshop “The Art of Noise”
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May 17-22 2022 : A tour of six concerts
Pictures by Lucas Dubuis
Sessions of improvisation practice with musicians and dancers, Biel/Bienne, 2021/2022
Trio Sowari (picture by Rui Pinheiro)
Concert / Performance
November 28 2021, Biel/Bienne, La Voirie

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