The Blowing Tamaraoke Orkestar

Performance group

The Blowing Tamaraoke Orkestar is a balancing act between performance, trash culture and entertainment and the Swiss pioneer project in the field of participation in culture, initiated by Tamara E. Iskra aka Dini Mueter. Orkestar is a live karaoke band consisting of about 20 blockflute players, a drummer and a conductor. The band only plays when people from the audience sing along to songs from the repertoire from pop/rock/punk history as soloists with a microphone as part of the band.

Orkestar caretakerin and concept: Tamara-E. Iskra aka Dini Mueter

Conductor: Lisa Läng

Drums: Armelle Scholl

Blockflutes: Afra Katastrofa, Anja Bernhard, Annegret Bieri, Einsch, Dini Mueter, Döne Spring, Elisabeth Wanzenried, Esther Schmelcher, Lea Haller, Margit Bauer, Nina Gensheimer, Olga Madjinodji, Pat Noser, SiLa TiDo, Simone Baumann, Tanja, Tynamite, Yvonne Bosshard, Z’Beesche

Artist's activities

Vasiliki Tsagkari, Jalalu Kalvert-Nelson (picture by Yann Staffelbach)
Concert / Performance, Talk
September 10 & 11 2022, Terrain-Gurzelen, Biel/Bienne

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